Allison Morgan Artist-studioama
HERO Series
Hero Series

What is a Hero? Is it the strong male figure who saves the distressed damsel, the city, the world? Or the unsung individual tirelessly working in the background towards a noble cause? The employee who makes the company millions, the athlete who wins all the medals? Champion, idol, conqueror, celebrity, model? We all come to the word with established understanding of what a hero is. Yet the word Hero has become ambiguous in contemporary society. We are suspicious of our idols and that distrust is the starting point of this series. At first glance the viewer finds what they believe to be the hero and feel they understand the artwork. But each painting has many interpretations. Who actually is the hero depicted? Is there an absolute? Is the damsel being saved or harmed? If she is being saved, does that make her a victim? Are you seeing gratitude or pity. Who is actually the aggressor? Does there need to be one in order to have a hero? Is anyone actually compromised? Take another look.