• Bio

    Allison Morgan studied 3-Dimensional design at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and the Emily Carr College of Art and Design, Vancouver, British Columbia. Upon finishing school, she opened a shared studio with a fellow artist concentrating primarily on multi-media sculpture. Through exhibitions and private commissions, Allison was able to focus her ideas related to the reframing of the banal. In 1995 Allison moved to Barcelona, Spain where she began painting. She returned a year and a half later, having been seduced by the possibilities of paint as a medium to continue her line of inquiry. Allison continued to paint while raising with her husband their three small children. In 2002 Allison moved to Rome, Italy, where she pursued new strategies in painting, particularly influenced at this time by the firsthand viewing of the masters’ work and the new perceptive potentials of digital photography, which depicts, through both its technical virtuosity and limitation, what before was not meant to be seen; the in-between, the blur, the mess, the mistake, captured digitally and validated through paint, again exploring a renewed engagement of the everyday. After returning to Canada, Allison continues to paint the every day but with a vision to use her paintings as a stage, inviting interpretation through shared experiences of the viewer. Through gesture, expression or symbolism, her artworks always suggest a subtext or duality of meaning.